Monday, February 2, 2015

Sweet view. Sweet treats.

Have you had a chance to try Cliffside Restaurant's Dessert Menu? If not, you and your taste buds are missing out! Cliffside's Dessert Menu offers an unforgettable final course to complete your meal. Serving everything from original desserts you won't get anywhere else like "Lilikoi" Cheesecake and Warm Double Brownie Pecan Torte to perfected classics like Vanilla Bean Brûlée and Molten Cake, we have something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Come indulge and see for yourself why our dessert menu can't be beat. Check out our complete menu below or visit our website at
"Lilikoi" Cheesecake


Vanilla Bean Brulee
classic vanilla crème brulee custard,
crisp cookies & fresh berries

Fresh Fruit Sorbet

“house made” fresh fruit sorbet, fruit coulis, fresh
berries, toasted coconut & a gaufrette crisp

 $6.00 each

Warm Double Brownie Pecan Torte
warm double crunch brownie, classic pecan pie
custard topping, caramel sauce & ice cream

“Lilikoi” Cheesecake
Auntie Nona’s Big Island creation with passion fruit
puree & fresh berries

 $8.00 each

“Molten Cake”
“baked to order”, double chocolate cake
warm liquid center, vanilla glace, fresh berries,
chocolate & caramel Sauce  (Please allow 15 minutes)

Warm Peach-Raspberry Oatmeal Crumble
utah peach & fresh raspberry cobbler, topped with
homemade sweet cinnamon oatmeal granola crumbs
and spiced ice cream

 $10.00 each
Warm Double Brownie Pecan Torte


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