Thursday, February 5, 2015

Guest Feedback

We truly appreciate feedback we receive from our guests. Guest satisfaction is our highest priority and we love hearing how Inn on the Cliff and Cliffside Restaurant provide an enjoyable experience for those who visit. Below is an example of a thoughtful email we received from a valued guest. 

Tom and Dorothy,
Fabulous new restaurant in St. George!
We purchased a home in Entrada three or four years ago. It is a vacation home for us. When we arrive, guests included, we rarely leave the gates of Entrada. Choosing to eat at the club and having guests stay at the Inn. The Cliffside Restaurant and Inn provides an option with fabulous food and nice accommodations. Your passion for a quality experience with great food
shows in what you do. It is refreshing to have a knowledgeable, well trained wait staff to serve you. Thank you!
Warm regards,
(Name withheld)


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