Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Writing in the Red Rocks

Inn On The Cliff is excited to be host hotel for a 3 1/2 day songwriters retreat, March 31-April 3 . Amuse Entertainment Group from Nashville, Tennessee is bringing five of Nashville’s top award winning and Hall of Fame Songwriters to St. George. This is a first time opportunity for songwriters to learn from hit writers D. Vincent Williams, Richard Leigh, Hugh Prestwood, Keith Stegall and Wendell Mobley. 

The retreat includes music industry sessions, song critiques and courses in songwriting during the day. Lunch and dinner at the award winning Cliffside Restaurant are included each day, prepared by Executive Chef Jared Painter. 

Attendees will also enjoy performances with the featured songwriters each evening. We can't wait to have Inn On The Cliff filled with great music. Check out the song contest and camp registration site and Writing In the Red Rocks on Facebook for event updates at

Come experience for yourself the amazing creative energy that will be here! 


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