Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adventure Central

St. George is full of adventure opportunities and Inn on the Cliff is located at the center of it all! We are only 20 minutes from the stunning Snow Canyon State Park. Enjoy a fun day of hiking, biking, or nature watching, then come grab a bite to eat at Cliffside Restaurant and rejuvenate at Inn on the Cliff. Sounds like the perfect day to us! 


  1. O wow. I will definitely visit this place as I just love travelling and hiking and biking and mountain climbing. It is so much fun to witness nature.

  2. The place seems to be blessed by nature. Its pristine beauty is enticing and going by the fact that one can experience activities such as hiking and biking in the wonderful land, it would be great to visit St. George. You can explore some of the best places of the world with Travel Squire. Keep posting!

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