Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cliffside Restaurant Featured in "St. George Health & Wellness".

We would like to thank Rebecca Monson for sharing this fabulous article published in the September/October 2014 edition of "St. George Health and Wellness Magazine". 


By Rebecca Monson
          I like to think I’m a bit of a foodie with a perceptive palate. So I was thrilled when St. George Health and Wellness Magazine asked me to review Cliffside Restaurant!
         Owners Tom and Dorothy Heers have done their due diligence in providing a “coming of age” spot for St. George foodies (or “wannabe” foodies), locals, and visitors to Dixie. With an original menu inspired by Chef Peter Sproul, Director of Utah Valley University’s Culinary School, their exquisite selection of contemporary American cuisine is produced by culinary artist Chef Vance Lott and his Sous Chef Paul Huggans.
         The spectacular city views form the panorama windows provide a visual feast in and of themselves, while the open seating and subtle décor compliment the distinct Dixie red-rock vista and provide a sophisticated ambiance perfect for intimate dinner conversation.
         The Heers’ have succeeded in providing St. George with a stand-out, chef-produced menu - with a twist. From the soup stock to the confections, all menu items are a fusion of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Chef Vance meticulously selects ingredients providing the starting point for each of the “from scratch” creations.
         I delighted in the lunch menu, starting with Cliffside’s Famous Potato Soup. Creamy… YES! The buttery immingling with bacon crumbles danced with lemon-infused oil pained on top. The hand breaded Coconut Crusted Shrimp was possibly the most tender fried shrimp I have EVER tasted.
         Trust me when I tell you that you CAN “trust the skinny chef!” Chef Vance’s homemade mozzarella cheese accompanies vine ripe tomatoes on crostini with basil pesto – and this was just ONE of our appetizers. I believe my entrée choice could be their Signature Dish – Chili Glazed Mango Salmon. WOW! The perfectly seasoned mango-topped seared salmon, was so moist it flaked apart with the little pressure from my soon-to-be loaded fork, pairing perfectly with the coconut infused rice pilaf.
         But let’s talk desserts! The fresh Vanilla Bean Brulee with the caramel candy top you can’t wait to crack into? A MUST! Or indulge in the Heers Family Favorite – Lilikoi Cheesecake adorned with Mascarpone Cream atop a swath of Passion Fruit puree! From their many years on the Big Island, this confection was a staple at their family table.
         Are your taste buds screaming for you to head on over? Be assured you don’t need a reservation. Whether you’ve just come from a brisk hike or you’re dressed in a “little black dress” or suit and tie, the Cliffside Restaurant is the spot where you’ll feel welcome and server-pampered for any occasion. Cliffside Restaurant provides exquisite 5-star dining for extremely reasonable prices. Add to that a child-friendly menu and amazing daily specials. Chef Vance will even prepare custom vegan entrees with just 24-hour advance notice. It’s all here!
          Come experience for yourself the culinary genius of Cliffside, located at 511 S. Airport Rd in St. George. Visit their website: or call (435) 319-6005.


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  9. Cliffside Restaurant is the spot where you’ll feel welcome and server-pampered for any occasion.